Now that you’ve finished the swim, it’s time to head to your bike.  Put your shoes and helmet on, and then grab your bike and walk or run out to the mount line.


The mount line is a marking on the road which indicates the start of the bike course, and you can only get on your bike after this point.


Each bike course is different and you will need to know where the course goes and how many laps you need to do.


At the end of the bike course, you will need to get off your bike at the dismount line.  Walk or run back to where you had your bike earlier in the race, and when your bike is on the rack, only then can you unclip and remove your helmet.


What are the rules when riding your bike?

  • Keep as far left as practical
  • If you are passing someone, you can only pass on the right-hand side, and call out “passing on your right” as you get close so they don’t accidently move into your path
  • You need to keep about 10 metres away from the bike in front of you (to avoid drafting)


What if an official on a motorbike talks to me?

It’s not always a penalty when an official on a motorbike pulls up next to you.  Sometimes they will let you know something about the course coming up or something about what you are doing that is minor.


In some rare cases, they may issue a penalty.  To do this, they will show you a blue or yellow card and instruct you what to do next.  If you are unsure, ask for clarification.

You need a bike that is safe, in good condition, has working brakes and the end of the handlebars need to have plugs in them (no exposed metal at the end of the handlebars). It can be any kind of bike - from a cruiser through to a road bike.