Staying on course for the Silly Season

Staying on course for the Silly Season

img20 December 2018

Sleep in, train, eat delicious food, nap, coffee, relax, train again, and sleep. That’s how I always imagine my holidays to be. But they never are.

When it comes to Christmas time, life can get pretty hectic. Family celebrations, BBQs, New Years events, the 99 jobs to do around the house, and not to mention school holidays for parents! So much for my train-relax-train plan.

In the past I have tried to juggle extra training sessions with the holiday festivities, and it can be more exhausting than a 2-hour wind trainer ride with power intervals! If there’s one thing I’ve
learnt over the past 12 months, it’s the true benefit of the 80/20 approach. We all need a bit of rest and relaxation; for our muscles to adapt and our mind to refocus.

I used to struggle with missing training sessions and scheduling them into my day when plans changed. It added lots of stress to my life and pushed me to overtraining and feeling exhausted.

What I learned from this?

  1. Consistency is key, and
  2. There is no harm in missing a few training sessions, especially around the holidays

I find it very helpful now to regularly check-in with my goals and re-evaluate. It helps me plan for the silly season and set realistic expectations and goals. This time of year is about being with
those you love, doing what you love and recharging for the new year. Whether you’re wanting to drop the training and recharge, or push yourself into the new year, make sure you discuss your
goals with your coach and support team.

To help stay on course this silly season, also consider:

  • Fuelling your body: To enhance energy levels in training and support the recovery
    phase. Read my pre & post-training nutrition tips on the Tri Extras page (Fresh fruit and fruit cake are great fuelling
  • Planning ahead with your coach: Do you need to train for an upcoming event, or can youhave some time off?
  • Staying hydrated! Water first, electrolyte second, alcohol once your urine is clear.
  • Making sure you get enough rest and sleep to repair your body. This will maximise training adaptations and improve performance!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Christie Johnson
Accredited Practising Dietitian & AUS AG Triathlete


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