How to achieve your best at Noosa Tri

How to achieve your best at Noosa Tri

img15 October 2018

I don’t think I’ll ever forget my first Noosa triathlon. Not just because of the amazing atmosphere, but because despite being a blistering hot spring day, it was the first race I nailed. My preparation finally went to plan, and I found my winning formula – pre-race acai bowls and pesto pasta. 5 years later, and my pre-race nutrition plan hasn’t changed one bit – it’s what works for me.

Come to my house during race-week preparation, and you’ll think I’m going on an overseas trip! I have bags everywhere and half my pantry packed. I like to plan and be prepared. It reduces my stress of race week and helps me focus on staying positive.

My preparation before every race now starts the same. I make checklists of what I need to prepare and pack (with my peanut butter being number one!). My must-dos before race week include:

  1. Working out where to stay, and where supermarkets and food outlets are that offer good sports nutrition fuel.
  2. Laying out all my nutrition products and race gear before packing, so I don’t forget anything. (Plus, you don’t want to leave purchasing sports nutrition supplies until you get there, as you may not be able to find what you need, and you don’t want to try anything new on race day!)
  3. Practicing my pre-race meal before trainings and packing these foods to reduce the stress of finding a suitable option at the event. (I always pack my peanut butter and jam to have on toast with me, just in case there’s none left in the supermarket!)
  4. Organising extra sports nutrition supplies to leave in transition in case I drop some on the bike (it wouldn’t be a first!) or need more fuel for the run.
  5. Finding out what is offered at aid stations and experimenting with these products in training, in case I need to rely on them for race nutrition.

If you haven’t been to Noosa before, I’d make a list of the places you want to eat at. That’s another thing I like to do when I travel for races. If you’re like me, you will spend half your time trying to decide where to eat with Noosa’s endless food options!

Like I’m sure many of you, my friend is doing her first Noosa triathlon this year. She recently asked me if I had any tips for the weekend, and as I began writing my list it kept growing, and growing. In fact, it tuned into a 45-page e-book!

These are my top tips:

Favourite Acai Bowl: Acai Brothers
Favourite carb load meal: Zachary’s
Favourite coffee spot: Providore
Favourite post-race celebration spot: Noosa Surf Club

If you are heading to Noosa and need help with your nutrition, be sure to book an appointment with your dietitian to make a plan to ensure you perform at your best.

Otherwise, check out my e-book, which includes my favourite race week recipes, tips on setting up nutrition in transition, on-course nutrition comparisons plus more.

Find out more at:

Best of luck and see you there!

Christie Johnson
Accredited Practising Dietitian & Australian Age-Group Triathlete

Photo Credit: Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival

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